Cogeneration Solution


Cogeneration Solution

Making Cold from Heat: Operating Principle of LiBr Absorption Chiller


Thermally activated cooling (TAC) - providing air conditioning powered by heat - is not a new idea, but today’s modern designs and manufacturing techniques make thermally activated cooling simpler, more cost effective and more environmentally friendly than their electrically driven counterparts. Using heat to provide air conditioning relieves communities, states and nations from developing enormous electric grids (power generation, transmission lines and distribution systems) to only provide peak electric demand on the hottest days in the summertime and sit idle the rest of the year. This is not good economics for anyone. Using heat to make cooling with fuel conversion (combustion), or cogeneration (Cooling and Power – CP) or trigeneration (Cooling, Heating and Power – CHP) provides dramatic economic, fuel, energy, and environmental benefits.


Making Cold From Heat

Cold From Heat


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